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Thursday, November 04, 2004

What the Hell Was That?!

Who would have believed that Bushco would have found 10 million more people to vote for him than in 2000? I'm still not sure I believe it, if you catch my drift. But, since paperless voting has taken control in so many important states, we probably will never know what was real and what wasn't. Its probably not worth worrying about.

How did they do it? Gays. Seriously, in a country threatened by terrorists, in the midst of an occupation where we have lost the hearts and minds of the occupied, with record national deficits that are enriching foreign countries, and having lost more manufacturing jobs than at any time in our country's history, millions were mobilized by the critical threat of a few hundred thousand people maybe getting family recognition for their loved ones.

Jesus would be proud. Its just like in the Bible, when He said "Love thy neighbor, unless they are a couple of fags" and "Suffer not a dyke to live among you".

Also many of them were apparently inspired by the time Jesus killed the midwife proscribing holly leaves for the sick pregnant woman. "Thou shalt carry thy fetus to term, even should it kill thee." Jesus proclaimed, adding "Slut!"

Actually, I'm pretty sure Jesus never said a word about either subject, but you'd never know that talking to people who think they are doing His work.

More about this phenom later. To mark the outlandish results of the election, I've wiped this slate clean. Tommy Pain is starting over. We have a new focus - Taking back the Congress in 2006. Americans, the period of mourning is over. We are better organized than ever before, and we got out 7 million more voters than in 2000. Just like teams have "rebuilding seasons", we are going to build on what we have achieved and learn from our failures, and we are going to reclaim America for Americans!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you explain the huge amounts of voters who voted for Kerry and voted for the gay marriage admendments? I voted for Bush and voted against the gay marriage admendment, so you have to replace my vote with that of a Kerry voters.

Some facts (do not be scared, they won't bite):

In Georgia 3.30mil people voted for President. 1.91mil voted for Bush, 1.37mil voted for Kerry and surprisingly 2.45 million people voted to ban gay marriages. That means at least 540,000 people who voted for Kerry also voted to ban gay marriages. Add the almost 20,000 lib voters and the 10 or so people like me from my own little poll and you end up with numbers that make your theory that somehow GAYS were what cost Kerry the presidency seem indefensible.

Ps. Didn't mean to give your blog crebibilty by posting a comment but I was trolling the internet looking for a place to get good deals on tinfoil hats or moonbat t-shirts and your site popped up.

Steven Freeman
Atlanta, Ga

January 5, 2005 at 10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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