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Friday, November 05, 2004

A Common Sense Post-Mortem

We lost. Probably not fair and squarely, but its not as unfairly as we fear.

11 million new Bush voters. Its crazy. But they didn't fabricate that many new votes. Even if they got some, and suppressed several million of our own by the black box voting machines and shorting democractic districts of enough resources, we would not have won by much.

The next series of articles will be about how we lost, and what we can do about it. Some of it is big, some of it is small. But we need to drown the forces of hate and intolerance and greed in this country, preferably in Grover Norquists own metaphorical bath tub.

In summary we need the following:

1) To reclaim the language of morality. We don't have to change a single position, or shift right or left. But we need to be able to explain to Christians that liberal morality is nearly identical to Christian morality. We aren't going to convince the true fundementalists, but we can get a lot of people who wonder why their more conservative friends seem so angry and hateful.

2) Election reform. Every vote must be counted, and no one can be intimidated or forced to wait 4 hours to vote.

3) Media bashing. Enough. Its a lazy, conservative media. Its time to start calling them on the slander. To their faces. Maybe boycott for aggregious bullshit.

4) Teach Americans that the government is theirs. Too many think it is an out of control oppressive monarchy, not a tool of the people. People need to write their congressmen and make sure they do our will. Democrats will need a lot of fortitude for the coming two years - they get that fortitude from us.

5) Start organizing NOW. Lets target the seats for 2006, and get to work.


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