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Thursday, November 04, 2004

A Call to Action, Pt 1

The very first thing all Left Wingers need to do is to buck up our elected representatives. They are going to be under a lot of pressure to capitulate, and no matter how demoralized you feel, imagine how they feel - they live this battle every day.

You need to write to every single one of your elected officials. If you don't have a sympathetic elected official, write to them anyway, just to let them know you care, and then find another elected official you especially respect or want to help. For instance, I have the great misfortune to be represented by Heather Wilson, a truly souless automaton for the right wing. I will be letting Tom Udall know that I expect him to work for me even though he is in the next district, because of my misfortune.

A sample letter would be:

As I'm certain you are aware, President Bush is proclaiming a mandate with 51% of the popular vote. Though this is absurd on its face, the media is running with it.

I want you to know, that as an elected official who won at least 51% of the vote in your area, you have an equal if not greater mandate to oppose him. We played nice with the president too often after 9/11, and he screwed us.

I don't care what they call you. I want you to be an obstructionist on every bad idea they try to foist on us. No more Medicare Reform fiasco's. No more "bipartisan investigations" where we agree not to assign blame. No more taking the president on good faith - he has proven faithless. No more tax breaks for the wealthy.

I expect you to first serve the people who have elected you, not those who voted against you. I expect you to carry on the fight to restore our country to greatness, just as I will do.

I pledge to you - I will do my part if you do your part. I will work to help win back the Congress in 2006, and the Presidency in 2008. Please don't the Neocons do more damage before then.

Mail them, and email them. You can get addresses for House Members here, and Senate Members here here.

You should probably do you state representatives and governors as well.

This is no bullshit exercise. There is nothing I can think of that would be more constructive and a better use of money right now. These people need us to tell them where this country is going, and that we are paying attention, and that we have expectations of how they will perform.


Blogger Ron Brynaert said...

Well written.

But I'm not so sure this election is over. Check out my blog or Daily Kos for details.


November 5, 2004 at 2:13 AM  

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